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Super Data Science Logo I was recently interviewed as the guest expert on the popular career podcast and I’m happy to announce that the interview is now online. Kirill, the host and creator of some highly regarding data science courses on, and I had a great hour-long conversation. Among the topics in the interview are:

  • Why Answer Questions on Quora? (6:33)
  • Benefits of a Polished LinkedIn Profile (11:56)
  • Getting into Data Science Without a PhD (16:58)
  • Walk-through of a Data Science Interview (21:58)
  • Is Machine Learning Data Science? (24:30)
  • Communication and Presentation Skills (26:36)
  • Overview: Bayesian Network Analysis (32:32)
  • How To Turbo Boost Your LinkedIn Profile (37:52)

This turned out to be a very popular interview with over 2400 people listening to it in the first 24 hours alone! Click here to listen to it yourself and get lots of tips on how to have a successful—and enjoyable!—job search.

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