Get Their Attention—And Fast!

By May 20, 2018 No Comments
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I want to talk about a common problem I see a lot of people make. They fail to lead with their strong points. I see this happen with resumes, interviews, and even write-ups for projects and/or take home tests.

You have to remember that there are scores of applicants fighting for the same jobs you are. Because of this, recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers may not take as much time evaluating you as they should.

You’ve got to get their attention—and fast! Tell them your strong points as early as possible.

That means putting our most impressive accomplishments at the top of your resume. Maybe that’s your degree. Maybe it’s work experience. Figure out what it is and lead with it.

When interviewers ask you, “Tell me about yourself,” there’s no need to give them a chronological account of your life story. Decide on your biggest selling point and start with that.

Don’t get “locked in” to a standard format or template. Those things can be handy guides, but that’s all you should consider them as: guides. Yes, on LinkedIn you *are* locked into a format but your Summary section is all yours. At a minimum, write a sentence about your strongest accomplishment.

Remember: don’t expect people to give you a fair shot. They have short attention spans. Give them something powerful and memorable at the front or they may zone out before they get to it if it’s later on your resume or interview response.