I know where you’re at, because I’ve been right where you’re at. Trying to find a data science job is tough. The good news? You won’t have to go through the painful trial-and-error that I did. Learn how I broke into the data science industry and how you can to. Read My Story


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Data Science Articles

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Need advice for your Data Science job hunt – talk to Mark! I watched Mark’s free webinar at Metis in San Francisco entitled “Straight Talk About The Data Science Job Hunt”. Within the first 20 minutes I thought – ‘I need to chat with this guy, he knows what he is talking about’. Although I watched Mark through a screen, he appeared very personable and genuine and that he is! After reaching out via LinkedIn, we met and it has been one of the most beneficial meetings I’ve had for career development and generally talking about data science. We talked about things I never considered before nor had I found them on the internet. Mark openly shared his career path and was honest and helpful. I knew exactly what I had to do next. Mark’s help exceeded all my expectation.

Juli PetereitData Scientist

I needed help with my job search to break into data science. I found that Mark's Break into data science course has an important information as to what is to be done to break into data science filed. It also provides meaningful tips and tricks for building a strong resume and managing the LinkedIn Profile. The course helped me a lot in preparing for telephonic and onsite interviews with more confidence. Using the course inputs I found the right path for breaking into data science. I am able to build a strong resume and promising LinkedIn profile.This invited me an opportunity to work with a Big company like Amazon.
Mark and his course are must for the people wanting to stand out from the crowd in the field of data science and be the part of the future. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Sanket PadteBusiness Intelligence | Deep Learning | Machine Learning |Stastical Modelling | Data Science |Project Management

Mark truly means that he will answer your questions to cut through the big data/data science hype. Mark also has deep data science expertise and ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms.

Mark willingly engaged in detailed discussions about data science. Mark was my data science "Rosetta Stone" during my time in CSC's Big Data practice. He also recommended a book, Data Science for Business, that allowed me to pull together many pieces from my experience and education to understand how businesses can get actionable insights from data science.

He is that very rare data scientist who has extraordinary technical chops, a strong work and integrity ethic, willingness to educate others, fantastic writing skills, and exceptional interpersonal skills. Mark is truly one of the most extraordinary technical experts I have ever met in my career.

Ann-Marie Johnson, MS, PMPListener. Learner. Outcomes oriented.

I worked with Mark in the data science group at CSC and found him to be very knowledgeable on a wide range of data science methods. He had unique ways of looking at problems and coming up with solutions. He was also a hard worker, often times working on multiple projects at the same time. We wrote a whitepaper together and I was impressed with his writing skills and ability to communicate effectively. We both had to adapt quickly to changing requirements and perform tasks that were not in our areas of expertise and Mark did a very good job at this. Working with Mark was enjoyable and I know he is a valuable member of any data science team.

Chenwei LiuLead Data Scientist at Synchronoss Technologies